Aqua Gel


A lot of sun exposure time? Do you have rusty hair weakened by the sun? With this range you will get a soft, shiny hair protected from UV radiation, sea salt and sand.

Biolage Sunsorials Protective After-Sun Spray for Sun Exposed HairAfter-Sun Sunsorials Spray

1Sunsorials After-Sun Hair Mask For Sun Exposed Hair

Biolage Sunsorials After Sun Shampoo Sun Protect Shampoo for Sun Exposed HairSunsorials After Sun Shampoo for Sun Exposed Hair

Discover more about the ingredients of Sunsorials!

Sunflower Extract

This extract with a lot of essential vitamins and minerals helps protect and treat hair from the sun.

Sunflower oil

This oil that is earned from sunflower seeds and helps provide shine, softness and elasticity to your hair.