ColorLast Shine Spray for Coloured Hair


Give shine to flat, lifeless hair with the Biolage SugarShine Spray for dull hair. 

Show dull hair who’s boss with the Biolage SugarShine Spray for Dull Hair. Designed to add shine and soften each and every strand, the Biolage SugarShine Spray for Dull Hair leaves hair feeling nourished and looking sleek. Infuse perfect shine into dull hair with the Biolage SugarShine Spray for Dull Hair.

For best results, cleanse hair with Biolage SugarShine Shampoo for Dull Hair and condition with the Biolage SugarShine Conditioner formula. Finish with Biolage SugarShine Spray and sit in awe of your new shiny hair. 

Coloured hair

Shake well. Mist lightly on damp hair. For medium to coarse hair, spray again after drying for more shine.


A little more detail :

This hair shine spray without rinsing conditions and moisturizes the hair sealing the color so that it does not lose intensity. From the first application, you will notice a brightness like no other. To maintain the intensity of the color, combine it with the shampoo and conditioner of Color Last and, once a week, apply the mask of the same line for a perfect result. Imagine a radiant color for up to 9 weeks! * * System with ColorLast shampoo and conditioner.

How should I use it?

Spray lightly on damp hair. Then you can comb it as usual. No need to clarify!

Expert Trick:

Take it with you anywhere and apply it when you need a little light in your day.

Discover more about the ingredients of ColorLast !


The orchid contains flavonoids that naturally filter and block U.V. rays, guilty of color loss.

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