His professional brand was a pioneer using not only botanical ingredients, but also believing in the power of nature for the health of clients and hairdressers. He created products that not only gave excellent results but also took care of the hair. Thus Biolage began to excite hairdressers worldwide.

Today Biolage is recognised worldwide as a leader in the area of professional hair care and its reputation continues to grow. Due to the constant evolution of the brand - taking hair care to a new level and offering excellent results and quality professional products with botanical ingredients.

Birth of a world leader

Our founder, Arnie Miller, begins the Biolage revolution with the birth of an innovative and new natural-inspired brand that quickly becomes one of the most successful releases in the professional industry.



Pure botanists

The launch of the Biolage moisturizing shampoo offers a new form of hair care infused with pure botanical extracts.

# 1 brand of hair care

In just 6 years in the US market, Biolage becomes the # 1 American brand of professional hair care.



Iconic range

Biolage introduces therapies in its iconic hair care ranges.

Star ingredient

Biolage introduces aloe as the star ingredient in its hydration range, bringing naturalness and sensory to the hair care experience.



New revolution

Biolage continues to cross borders in the world of natural hair care with Biolage RAW - Real, Authentic, Full - the star of the new hair care revolution.