Sustainable Habits

With Biolage products in the Health Bar you already have formulas that are good for you and the planet, but there is much more that can be done inside the room to make it a more sustainable site. Recycling, reducing water consumption with economisers, changing the bulbs for LEDs and using sustainable materials to decorate the room are just a few examples.

We are so much more!

Biolage is not only a brand of natural products, it is a sustainable lifestyle that begins in the salon.

Sensory Experiences

There is nothing more wonderful than pure nature. Your feet touching the sand, a cool breeze caressing your neck, the smell of sea salt ... Biolage will take you to that place. Our nature-inspired products were specially designed to inspire hairdressers to pamper you with an unforgettable sensory experience.

And we go further!

Your hairdresser can create your personalised treatment in the salon, with combinable formulas, soft fragrances, rich textures and natural colours to maximise not only a complete experience, but also customised results.

Professional Results

It is the perfect balance between nature, beauty and results; and it will change the way you see natural hair care. We remain in the highest standards of professional hair care and challenge our laboratories to develop formulas of natural origin that work.

Our Objective

Create natural formulas that provide the results that the best hairdressers in the world demand and deserve.

We are not perfect!

We strive every day to be an even more sustainable and natural brand. But we want to be honest with you: We are not perfect! We have much to learn, develop and discover.

But we never stop working to get it!

Of course: we promise you that we will not stop looking for the most sustainable and innovative solutions to create experiences in our salons that are not only better for you and your hair, but also the best and most respectful for the planet.