Terms and conditions for opinions and consumer reviews

These Terms and Conditions regulate the use of the Consumer Opinions and Reviews service (the «ORC Service«) offered by L’oréal Spain, which acts through its Biolage brand on its website (the “Site”). You may not use the ORC Service if you are an employee of L’Oréal or any of its affiliated companies.


By posting a review on the Site, you represent and warrant that:

  • Your review complies with the Terms of Use of the Site and these Terms and Conditions for Consumer Reviews and Reviews;
  • is the author of the review, who is not supplanting the identity of another person, and who is not using a false email address or lying about the origin of the review;
  • Your review is an original work and does not infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties; All content you post is true and accurate.
  • In addition, you accept and guarantee that you will not submit any content:
  • to identify you to other consumers (so please do not use your full name and use only your first name or a "nickname");
  • containing information (including price) about competitors or their products (namely, other manufacturers and / or distributors and / or retailers of health and beauty products);
  • that is not related to the purpose of writing reviews of the products of the Site;
  • whereby you obtain any remunerated or monetary benefit from any third party or that could be interpreted as advertising or incitement to purchase (which will include any content that detracts from Biolage's business);
  • that includes any information that refers to other websites, URLs, email addresses, contact details or phone numbers;
  • that contains any data or instructions on how to create computer viruses or other potentially disturbing or harmful computer programs or files.


Biolage reserves the right to restrict or suspend the access of any user who violates these Terms of Use and to refuse the publication, modification, edition or deletion of any comments that Biolage deems, in its sole discretion, as a violation of these Terms and Terms. In addition, it reserves the right not to publish:

  • duplicate content;
  • blank reviews;
  • reviews in a language other than Spanish;
  • any unintelligible content (such as content that includes random characters and meaningless word strings).


Biolage cannot guarantee that any content you have submitted can be edited or deleted. Prior to publication, any written opinions or comments will be reviewed to ensure that they comply with these Terms of Use. Written opinions and comments are generally published on www.biolage.es.


By providing your email address in relation to your rating and your review, you agree that Biolage and its third-party service providers may use that email address to contact you about your review, and if you had consented, for commercial prospecting purposes, in the terms indicated in the Privacy Policy. For any additional information regarding the processing of personal data, please see our Privacy Policy here.


In relation to any review that it publishes, it grants Biolage a royalty-free, irrevocable, non-exclusive and worldwide license for the period of legal protection of intellectual property rights defined by Spanish and foreign laws and international treaties (including any subsequent norm of an additional or modifying nature) to use, copy, modify, adapt, edit, distribute, translate and create derivative works thereof, and / or incorporate the content in question into any format, support or technology. You hereby acknowledge that Biolage may translate and publish your review on its social media pages [Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube] and on any foreign version of its website or on the websites of eretailers where brand products are sold . Therefore, you are informed that such publication may include the name (or nickname, as previously recommended in this document) that you have used to publish your review.


If you have questions or complaints about any Biolage product and / or its application, please contact our Customer Service department at [to be completed]. Biolage reserves the right to submit its review to its Consumer Service department instead of publishing it if it is most convenient.