Revealed: All the Reasons You Need a Leave-In Treatment

Leave-in treatment (also known as leave-in conditioner) is the perfect haircare product for the busy woman. A leave-in treatment makes light work of damaged hair, repairing and nourishing even the most fragile, weakened, strands. It requires no rinsing so you can wash, spritz and go, ideal if you’re active or always on-the-go. If you’re still a little confused by what a leave-in treatment actually is, don’t worry, we’ve got you. Below is all the reasons why you could do with a leave-in treatment in your haircare arsenal.


What's a leave-in treatment? 


A leave-in treatment or conditioner, is essentially a hair strengthening, repairing and nourishing product that you either spritz or massage into your strands (depending on whether the one you choose comes in a tube or spray bottle).


Why should I use a leave in treatment on my hair?


One of the key reasons for using a leave-in treatment, as opposed to a rinse-out formula, is time. You don’t need to wait for a conditioner or mask to do its thing before rinsing out, you can simply apply, dry and go. Whether you air-dry or heat style your strands is up to you.


What are the benefits of a leave in treatment?


Leave-in treatments usually do a number of different things for the hair. Take Biolage’s All in One Coconut Infusion,  it has over 20 benefits from restoring the hair’s condition to reducing porous patches and detangling haywire strands. It also protects, priming the hair for styling, preventing heat damage and protecting from the environment. Then, it also perfects in all manner of ways including preventing flyaways, controlling frizz and ramping up shine.


“Biolage All in One Coconut Infusion spray works quickly without building up on the hair. Leaving the cuticle smooth, so it reflects the light and looks naturally and beautifully shiny. It also strengthens weak hair that’s been damaged by hot tools, by adding moisture where your hair needs it most,” adds Artistic Director for Matrix & Biolage, Paul Falltrick. “It’s lightweight with extremely impressive results, it even prevents colour fade!”


What’s the best leave-in for my hair type?


Leave-in conditioners will usually say on the packaging whether they are best suited for fine, thick or all hair types. The All in One Coconut Infusion “works on all density of hair thick or thin hair. On particularly fine hair, use like a conventional conditioner and rinse after a couple of minutes,” suggest Falltrick.



Are there any secret uses for a leave-in treatment?


“Okay, well this is a stylist secret but the milky-textured All in One Coconut Infusion can also be used on the scalp to balance and soften dry scalps and to help encourage hair growth,” notes Falltrick. “Simply apply to the root area and leave in.”


Can you use a leave-in treatment as a hair mask?


Generally, leave-in treatments are equivalent to a conditioner and, in some cases, a styling primer. The benefit of a mask is that it’s usually thicker and more potent than conditioner to really supercharge those haircare benefits, which is also why you need to rinse out a mask (no one wants to leave a thick mask on to weigh down those strands).


If you want a fast-acting mask then look no further than the Biolage Deep Treatment Packs. They are as easy to use as a traditional conditioner as they work in just 3 minutes, making them pretty easy to slip into your routine once a week. Choose from the ColorLast Pack to prevent colour fade; the HydraSource Pack for dehydrated hair that’s prone to breakage; and the SmoothProof Pack for frizz-prone strands.


Can you use leave-in every day?


A leave-in treatment is great for everyday use! “I recommend my clients keep the All in One Coconut Infusion Spray in their handbags, as it can be used to revive a style because it’s so lightweight,” suggests Falltrick. Give your hair a quick mist and a zhush and you’ll be good to go!


A leave-in conditioner is also a handy addition to any gym or overnight bag.


Does leave-in help hair grow?


While a leave-in treatment won’t stimulate hair growth, by keeping your strands in tip-top condition on the daily, you’ll prevent split ends which, in the long run, will prevent the need for a major haircut. Which is always good to avoid if you’re trying to grow your hair!


How much conditioner should I leave in my hair?


It totally depends on your hair’s condition, length and texture but start by spritzing all over the mid-lengths and ends, dry your hair and see how it feels. You can always dial up or down the dosage the next time.


Can you sleep with leave-in conditioner?


It’s a leave-in so you can sleep it in, dance in it, workout in it, once it’s in your hair you can go about your day (or night) in any way you please!