ScalpSync Aminexil Treatment


Say goodbye to thinning hair with the Biolage ScalpSync Aminexil Hair Scalp Treatment, clinically proven to promote hair growth for nourished and thickened hair. 

The Biolage ScalpSync Aminexil Hair Scalp Treatment reduces hair loss in just 6 weeks, treating you to thicker and healthier hair. Designed to fit seamlessly into your existing haircare routine, this unique formula is designed to reduce hair loss and promote healthy hair growth for totally revitalised locks. Turn thinning hair into luscious locks with the Biolage ScalpSync Aminexil Hair Scalp Treatment.

Preventing hair loss

Apply Biolage ScalpSync Aminexil Hair Scalp Treatment to dry or towel-dried hair from at the roots, gently massage into scalp and style as normal.


A little more detail:

Its formula helps balance the scalp and leaves your hair clean and healthy looking. It really works! It has been clinically proven to reduce hair loss after only 6 weeks * ScalpSync Aminexil hair loss ampoule treatment stimulates and nourishes the scalp helping to prolong hair life. * Clinical trial in which 130 subjects were analyzed vs. placebo for 6 weeks

How should I use it?

Apply a blister on dry or towel-dried hair. Use the tip of the applicator to apply the entire contents of the blister to the hair roots. Then gently massage the scalp. No need to clarify. Just comb it as usual and that's it!

Expert Trick:

Do you want a more complete and effective treatment? Complements the blister treatment with the Cooling Mint anti-hair loss shampoo from the same range.

Discover more about the ingredients of ScalpSync!


It has anti-septic properties to keep away and eliminate the main bacteria that cause dandruff and discomfort of the scalp.

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